01 June, 2010


Hey you! Lady in the dark blue Pilot in the Mickie D's drive through. Yeah, you with the toddler jumping all over your car. Ever hear of these cool safety devices called seat belts? Probably not, since you aren't wearing one. And neither is the previously mentioned mini now hanging out the window. There are also these special items called "car seats" for little ones, but, um, you don't have one. They're for the kiddle to sit in, in case you have an accident. Oh, and it's like, state law or something. And while I'll admit the line isn't all that dangerous, the fact that I followed you from the line onto route 50 with the child still wandering the car makes me sad and frightened for the little tyke. I wonder if you even care for his safety. And I wish there hadn't been such a glare in the window so the pic I took with my camera phone could be sent to the authorities.

(witnessed Friday, May 28, 2010)

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