08 July, 2010

Time for shopping

As counterintuitive as it may seem, I think I need to go shopping more often. Especially places like Target, where spending can quickly get out of control on bunches of little things. See, the less I go, the more I spend. I tend to go to the grocery store 3-4 times each week, whether it's for milk, fresh fruit, ice (stupid broken ice maker) or meal items. The hubby and I tend to go once or twice a month for staples (as in things you use often, not paper fasteners, you goofball). And I've become quite the bargain shopper at the grocery store. Between sales, coupons, bonus card savings and generics, I usually get out of there for $20 or less, but more commonly under $10.

At the mall, I tend not to spend much. First, I usually have a double stroller and two kids with me, and the stroller has almost zero cargo room. Granted, the younger, lighter child tends to sleep on my back, and his seat is used to hold things, but still not a lot of room. And sometimes I need to put him down, so I can't shove too much in there. Also, despite being one of the narrowest of side-by-side doubles (it's slimmer that a standard wheelchair!), it tends not to fit in most mall-store aisles or between racks.

And don't get me started on attempting to try on clothes – that's just laughable. The only way it's even remotely possible at this stage is to strap them both into the stroller, which never fits into a dressing room. So the options become 1) leaving them out in the store unattended, but securely strapped into the stroller or 2) leaving the stroller in the main area, placing one child on the floor and try not to step on him, and let the runner go free range. This would have me leaving one in the dressing room on the floor unattended and chasing down the toddling while half-dressed and hopefully not flashing the rest of the mall too much. It's never happened, but I've had nightmares. Either way, stellar parenting. So in a long-winded nutshell, I tend not to spend much at the mall.

So back to Target, my nemesis. When I go often, I know I'll be back, so that extra $7 tee shirt or $14 toy can wait until next time; I follow my list of formula, bottle liners, acetaminophen, and feminine hygiene products (all generic, mind you) and put off the splurges until when hubby is along. That way, if he agrees on a splurge, I don't feel like I'm being sneaky or self-centered (even if it's something for him or the boys – weird, huh?) and there's the bonus of he'll pay for it. Double win!

But days like today, when I haven't been there on a solo trip in 3-4 weeks (okay, there were 3 of us, but one was asleep and the other gets no real say in anything) I tend to go a bit bat shit and buy everything I can fit in the cart. For example, water shoes for a toddler who has never been to a pool. A single-toddler sized blow up pool (Thanks M! – I need a place to use those shoes!). Tee shirts for the hubby a size smaller than he has in his wardrobe, because his weight loss has been terrific and I noticed the past couple weeks that most of his t's are swimming on him. [note a pool theme….hmmm] More child-proofing items, two of which I already know need to be returned because I tried them as soon as we got home and they don't fit the doors they were supposed to go on. And those are just the things I remember! Gah, just when I think my shopaholic tendencies are under control, I have to skip my weekly shopping trip and screw it all up.

I may have to try to prove my theorem. Or just decide I'm right and go shopping more often.

Note to hubby: Don't worry sweetums, I have the receipt. Monday the boys and I can get out of the house by returning things to Target!

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  1. Ohhh returning that's what we are calling it. In highschool we called it the leave behind. Dating the hot chick who can barely stand you, you leave something behind so you can return to try again.