15 July, 2010

What kind of day is today?

That 'some days are good, some days are bad' thing is so true. This week has been a bit rough. Check it out:

Monday – I can't remember most of Monday anymore. I really only remember one big thing: I lost my 20 month old in our townhouse. I think the day had been going pretty well, or else was good by comparison, because there are really only about 20 minutes that stand out. The big boy had slept in that morning, about 2 hours later than normal, so he skipped morning nap. Gave him a slightly early lunch, rthen an earlier nap/quiet time. We weren't sure when Dad would be home, as it was his first day working in a new location, and they made him start later than norm, so we were going to do dinner ourselves. Boy got up from nap around 4:30pm, and we were playing for a bit, until I realized it was almost 5:30 and I hadn't even started to prep anything to eat (and we normally eat at 5pm – ack!) I popped into the kitchen and cut up some leftovers, nuke them, and go to get the toddling. Don't see him. Call out, no answer. Go into the living room, still calling, and looking into all the hidey holes. No boy. Panic starts to creep in – where the hell can he be? Check bookcases, as he's started climb, but no luck. Then hear a distant giggle – seems to be coming from below me. But that can' be, because the baby gate is still locked and he pushed a cart in front of it, and he still doesn't go down stairs without falling, so there's no way… um, right. Run down the stairs to find a grinning, laughing toddler trying to open the front door. I almost lost it, but it gets even more special. While searching for the boy, the dogs breach the kitchen, eat the food off the high chair and counter, & break a plate in the process. Mom point for me – no breakdown, just reheat more leftovers and get on with the consumption of fuel. So an overall good day with a huge scare and some super-stellar parenting on my part (um, sarcasm there, in case ya couldn't tell). Ugh.

Tuesday – Shrink appointment day. Mom came to help with the boys, since it's frowned on to take them in with you. Not to mention the office is super tiny and a single stroller won't fit, so the double is a no go. Then went to lunch, which was overall great. Only a few minor cranky bits, plus really yummy food, and leftovers for the next day. Oncew we got home it was nap until Daddy got home, hooray! So a good day.

Wednesday – I decided to stay home for the day, uh huh, good call there. The specifics are already fading in a blur, and I just don't want to remember. There was climbing, destroying, screaming, computer being turned off repeatedly, printer being broken, breaking into bookshelves, climbing other bookshelves, climbing on dog crates, screaming from getting feet caught in dog crates, climbing on little brother until he screamed, and several more things I've already made the unconscious decision to forget. It was bad enough that when the hubby called to say he was on his way home, I asked for mcfood. The last nerve was hit, patience was gone, hair pulled out. Not such a good day.

Today has overall been good. I woke up not tired for a change; not awake and refreshed, but not feeling like I needed another 50 hours in bed either. I was able to get some laundry done, remembered to turn on the dishwasher, and cleaned up a bit before the boys woke. Cheated a bit with the easy breakfast route, cheerios with cheese sticks and hot dog, and a side of pear. Took the boys to Target to make a few returns, and grabbed a bunch of super sale clothes for them while there (shorts under $2, shirts under $3 – even better than the mart of Wal can do) and came home to put the little guys down for a nap. Two and a half hours later (nice job, Fuss!) we have lunch of meatloaf and eggplant parmesan, with pear for dessert. Most of the meatloaf was fed to the dachshunds – using a fork – but the eggplant was a big hit. And then all hell broke loose. So two hours of climbing, cursing, throwing, hitting, and breaking things later, big guy is down for another nap/quiet time (he's singing and babbling in the crib), little guy is tied to my front and napping, and I get 3 seconds to wee. Hip hip! So about 2/3 of today has been good. Day's not over yet though! I need to decide if I should walk or drive the boys to Home Depot to get another safety strap, or just bag it 'til the weekend. Sigh.

Tomorrow could go either way. We have relatives coming into town for the weekend (an aunt and second cousin( so I'm taking the boys to my folk's place to visit. I don't think my aunt has ever met the Boogie, but he's only 5 months old (today! Happy pseudo-birthday Boog!) I'll try to go over right after breakfast, hoping the big guy will be able to take his morning nap over there, then we'll have lunch and play, etc. Fingers crossed it's not a 'fussie' day!

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