21 March, 2010

The beginning of, well, the beginning.

So... Where to begin? I'm not much of a blog reader. Really, I couldn't care less what people across the globe, that I've never met and never will meet, think or say about their lives. And in theory I don't care what any of them - of you - would think or say about my ramblings. But I've been having trouble collecting my thoughts lately, or resting my mind because it's always too full and racing around, so I thought I'd try some journaling like I did back in the good 'ole days of my youth. And while I'm not a very good typist, I'm even more out of practice at actual pen-and-paper writing. Plus this thing has spell-check! (In case you can't tell, and I know it doesn't always translate well in print, that was me being facetious. Get used to it, it happens a lot in here.)

Since I'm doing this for myself, and am telling myself I don't give a crap what anyone else thinks or says, I'm going to be totally open and honest with my thoughts, feelings, or whatever strikes my fancy at the time I type. This could be anything from a list of what I did that day, to philosophy, music, sex, or even the consistency of my boys' poop. If you'd like to leave a comment - good for you. Feel free. I may leave it, or (I have yet to look through all the capabilities and commands here, but I spy a link for "Comment Moderation") I might delete it. Especially of it's mean. Especially if it's especially mean. Especially if it's especially mean and I don't like what you have to say. I mean it.

Okay. Right. So that's the end of the beginning. I think I'll go begin something else.

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