22 March, 2010


I'm content, for the immediate moment. I suppose that's all one can hope for: contentment, happiness, whatever you feel like calling it. I actually prefer contentment to happiness - I think happiness can be lost easier, and it's a much bigger let down. That doesn't mean I'm not truly happy as well, I'm just not bouncing-off-the-ceiling happy, the almost manic type of happy. Not too fond of that; it tends to mean I need an adjustment to my meds.

Why am I content? The hubster is on his way home, the toddler is sleeping in his crib, the dogs are quiet, and I have a newborn sleeping on my chest. I am watching what I choose on the tube, have a huge glass of water next to me, lunch is on it's way, some laundry has already been completed, and unless my bladder or a child decides to change that for me, I'm not moving until the hubby gets home.

Erm, nix that. The baby just peed - I can feel the heat of it even through the thick cloth nappie. Now to decide if I should let the sleeping baby lie, or risk waking him with a diaper change.

Stayed tuned for the next exciting installment... yeah, right.

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