24 March, 2010

Laundry Liberation

After almost 11 years of marriage, I'm finally doing my husband's laundry. I started last night. Why do I want to take on more chores, when I can't keep up with the kids and house work as it is? For many reasons: First, it needs to be done, and I'm already doing a couple loads each day, so throwing in one more, or adding to what's already going in, isn't that big a deal. Second, it's one of the easiest chores in the house. We don't sort much, so you just throw it in the machine and let it go. Then put it in the next machine. Then fold or hang and put it away. Simple. Third, it can get me a little "me" time. I find the folding especially rewarding, almost meditative - I can sit and relax, fold things up, daydream a bit. Also, our laundry area is next to the kids' play area, so Ii can sort/fold/whatever while they're playing. Okay, the older one plays, the newborn sits in his swing and coos. But someday he'll play there too. And lastly, to take some stress of the hubby. I'm sure I complain a lot, but he really does a lot, and this is one thing I can do for him, and that I enjoy and am good at, to make his part of family life easier, and hopefully, better. He goes to work, takes time with the boys, does the cooking, cleans the baby bottles, takes out trash, and changes the bed linens (odd, but I'm really short and have trouble at this one). So Ii am liberating him from laundry, and I'm happy with that.

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