21 April, 2010

Who's smarter than an 18 month old?

That would not be us. Maybe I just wasn't around enough toddlers, but it seems like the boy is learning a lot more than he should, a lot faster than he should. Maybe it's the proud mum syndrome - thinking my boy must be smarter than everyone else's little wonder. Or maybe I should check with some reference materials on what to expect from his development. Case in point: he just turned off the tv. After changing the grouping and sorting options on the tivo. After I couldn't figure out how to change them back last week when he did this. Only this time, he changed them, I looked at the tv & him and asked him to change it back, and he did.Does he really know how to work the remote, or is it a bizarre coincidence? He also is hitting the number buttons to go back and forth between bbc and food network , currently showing Gordon Ramsey(Uncle Gordon) and Paula Dean (do you like butter-fried butter?), respectively. Yes, two of his faves. He also asks for his signing videos, and knows if I grab the wrong remote (the neuros instead of the dvd - the look alike to me!)

Other wonders of the boy - he can destroy anything, either by hand or teeth. Especially anything listed as a teether. We're starting to wonder what's in some of those rubber chew toys for dogs, and would they be safe for a toddler. I remember when he got his first two lower teeth in when he was 6 months old. We let him play with the tivo remote, and within a minute was almost choking on the actual tivo button. That was when the whole "not out of your sight for a second" phrase really sank in.

He's also turned into a very determined climber. Bookcase, sofa, cat scratcher, changing table, playpen, toy box, toys, oh, and stairs. Lead him to it and he will climb. I was always pretty good at climbing too, even though I'm a girl - I just could never get back down! And now Ii have to go, as he's destroying the checkbook he just yanked off a "higher" shelf on the bookcase!

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