22 April, 2010

Ah, Ikea, my love...

We go every 6 month or so. It's a love/hate relationship to be sure. There are a lot of cool things, new ideas or ways to use space and furniture, and many things are very affordable and even cheap. But even with a list, we end up over-spending, over-loading, and generally over tired. Today was no exception.

It was our first major trip since January; we made a quick trip to get the new crib and a "few" other things before the new baby was born. We managed to not over pack too much today. The baby was wrapped in a FCC (front cross carry) in my Natibaby Ocean wrap from the car, and for most of the trip. But because of this, he was happily asleep most of the time - we had to wake him to get him to eat, so he wouldn't wake and scream on the trip home! So other than more formula than we thought we'd need, we did well on our packing.

We did a brief run - skipped most of the display area for just the kids section, then went through the marketplace. We bought a lot of little items - more kid plates & bowls, a second high chair, burp cloths, light bulbs. Bill had us get a couple potty seats for the boys- okay, won't actually be needing them any time soon, but we can store them in our already crap-packed home and lose them in the next year or so until they're needed and we have to go back for more. And he let me get a few yards of a cute fabric to make a DIY wrap with, but he was having fun looking at the fabric too. If the kids' Barnslig fabric was thicker, I would have gotten that - adorable! We also got some paper for Liam, and a paper roll holder, as we wanted to get an easel, but of course those were out of stock.

Oh, and chocolate. Dark chocolate. A lot. It was either 48 or 52 bars - I wasn't involved in the total! - but they're $1 each or 3/$2.50, so Bill went back to get one more for the deal (um, we could have just had the cashier drop 2, but I was told that, like in the Marines, "No chocolate left behind" is the motto)! It is one of my favorites of darks, and the cheapest around, so it's a win-win as far as that goes.

So we check out, take things to the car, and go back in for lunch. Liam didn't want to eat. First time ever. My folks claim sometimes when he visits them he doesn't eat much, but I'd never seen it happen. not a big deal, he's not starving or anything, just a bit bit cranky from being hungry, tired, etc. After lunch I thought a little running around would be good for the boy, and suggested letting him run around a bit. It's a pretty enclosed area, hard to get too far away. Daddy thought the play area was a better idea, but I wasn't sure of age requirements. What I hadn't realized was by play area, Bill meant the kids area display, and I meant the kiddie ball pit. Or was it the other way around? I can't remember for certain anymore!

Anyway, we got our wires crossed and Bill let him run around like I first suggested. Liam of course took of shoes and socks and ran willy-nilly all over the place. Most folks seemed to think he was cute and funny and charming, as usual. A couple seemed annoyed. And Ii did hear one loud comment about how he was barefoot - hey, if she could get him to keep socks and shoes on, I'd like to see it! So he ran around, got tired, had a little melt-down when I wouldn't let him follow a little girl down the big stairs, and we went home. Less than 5 minutes in the car, both boys asleep!

So we're done for a while, hopefully at least a year. Though if I know anyone running down, I may have to have them restock my chocolate!

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