30 April, 2010

Food, for a thought

I love food. I'm not ashamed of it (anymore). I'm not in the "live to eat" category, but I do love a bit of overindulgence in the kitchen. At one long point of my life I was beyond morbidly obese. But that's been fixed: I took the Carnie Wilson route, & in theory should cut certain foods out of my diet forever, but hey, who are we kidding? But that's several days worth of blog posts right there, and meanwhile I am making forward baby steps once again.

What are we doing now? Planting more veggies! And a couple fruits too. I majored in Horticulture, but am a terrible home gardener. Why? Quite simply, watering is my nemesis. The hubby and I have a little joke about what I'm wasting time/money/etc. on each year by planting it and condemning it to a slow and tortured death. And what's sad is I love plants, watching them grow and flower and fruit, and eating said fruit. But I don't seem to love them enough to remember to water them. I think it's because both in school and places I worked, watering was done automatically, with timed systems of hoses and pipes and solenoids. But that's just the excuse I spout. The hubby knows the truth: I'm just plain lazy.

So for the record, I'm going to list all the little buddies headed to death row this summer. They're supposed to be put in their cells tomorrow. We have a roma tomato, cantaloupe, lemon cucumber, strawberry, bib lettuce, and spinach. The hubby said he would water them this year if I did the planting, since he has quite a few herbs, tomatoes and peppers growing this year. We tried this last year - or was it the year before? I had green beans and soybeans, peppers, and tomatoes, all doing great. Then he had to go across the country for work for a week. By the time he got home, most were lost. It was rather pathetic. All that work (okay, a couple hours worth) all to be wasted by forgetting to water for a couple days. But we'll try again, hopefully to make more progress in getting me to work a bit, and have some interesting and tasty things to show for it in 90-128 days.

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  1. OK a couple of corrections here. I am quite content to water and I do pretty well and we did have a new toddler around last summer and well he does take up a bit of time. Our worst part is harvesting. We did better last year in that we did eat a great amount of tomatoes (although I do admit i lost interest after the Denver drought). What's the difference this year? The Boy!. Our fuss loves fruit and will eat tons of tomatoes and cantaloupe. We are also not over-planting too much this year. We are also canning now so I anticipate much better consumption to waste ratio.