27 April, 2010

So I accidentally left the wrong window open and the hubby saw the blog. Oops! Just kidding. We had been talking about trying out blogging for a bit now, and I had "secretly" started this little project to see if I could/would or even should (don't you just love rhyme thyme, er, time?). I'm still not writing as much as I want if this is truly to be a diary of sorts, but I'm trying to work up to every other day while starting out. A difficult task, to be sure, especially since my only time to type is when both boys are sleeping.

And hooray me, I have 4 followers! Okay, one if them is the husband, but we have to communicate somehow.

***massive pause***

Okay, I have now typed 4 or 5 different things and deleted them. Gah, I'm self-editing like a madman. Why? Because now that I know someone is reading this, I'm feeling a little bitty bit self-conscious. I'll try to work through it.

First, I wanted to snark on Earth Day. I had some almost witty things out there, and some big guffaws still in my head, but meh. Not feeling it. It's an arbitrary day started 40 years ago, that seems to be "celebrated" off & on depending on who's in charge and what agenda is being touted that year. I don't remember even hearing the phrase until high school, and even in the past decade enthusiasm has waxed and waned. I know that's true of every cause, but this one has it's own day. And it's a planet - you know, where we all live. (Unless you're an alien reading this from a galaxy far, far away...but I think that's been trademarked so--- moving on.) So like our ancestors a few millennium ago, shouldn't we "celebrate" or do good -or at least not harm- the planet, like, you know, every day? Or would that be part of the Green Movement? (No, I'm not talking about my bowels here, the spinach was last week. But I do still hold that topic in threat.) I'm all into the current buzzwords just like any good citizen: re-use, repurpose, recycle, upcycle, freecycle, declutter, donate - there are a plethora of them, I can look up more for you. Or make up more, 'cause you know someone somewhere did. But I'm not going to snark about it now. I only mentioned it because the hubster wanted me to talk about all the work I'm doing trying to de-clutter the house, and donating things we no longer need or use, but frankly, I'm too damned tired from doing it!

Second, I wanted to [also] snark about a little blurb I noticed on yahoo's news feed. Apparently, I can now relive the love I feel for Edward Cullen everyday, by wearing Bella's engagement ring! Yes, I'll admit it, while I have not read the books, I did watch the first movie. It was playing during a free weekend on Starz channels, so I tivo'd it...then watched it... 3 nights in a row. (Sicko!) What I hadn't realized was that I had fallen in love with Edward. And that I'm such a bitch I must have stolen this poor girl's engagement ring so I can daydream her fiance wants me instead. Seriously? I know I go all fanatic with some things, too (Harry Potter, House, Buffy) but seriously? Unfortunately, I really am too tired, so I may have to revisit this later.

And lastly, I want to tell the world about my wondrous boys. My toddling has actually started to communicate beyond the point and scream, or just the constant babble of babyhood. He has learned some signs (thankfully, since he constantly wants to watch his Signing Time - truly I love it, but 30-40 times in a row is a bit more than I can take!) He's started using his signs properly, and today, he looked at one of our cats, made his cat sign, and said cat, all at the same time. Two very proud parents over here! And after he and Daddy went to bed, I got to spend some time with the baby [devil]. He's becoming such a flirt - winking and raising his brows, smiling, cooing, laughing. I just beam at him, making happy faces and trying to coerce more grins and gurgles.

So now I sign off, hopefully to get a bit of sleep myself. And I'll try to be back real soon.

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